Wildlife Adventure Tours

See BC's wildlife in its natural splendour on this wildlife tour from Quadra Island.

Just north of April Point, the ocean is teeming with life.  The resort's 3 hour Wildlife Adventure Tour takes you into the untouched beauty of Discovery Passage where you can see these BC's wildlife in its natural environment.

The Stars of the Wildlife Tour

So, who can you see?  All BC's wildlife stars are here.

BC's majestic killer whales ply the waters just north of Quadra Island.  Resident and transient whales feed and socialize in these waters.  There is nothing like killing the engine and sitting and watching, with only the sounds of whales breathing to punctuate the silence.

Bears also call this area home. Depending on the time of year you can see whole families down at the shore line, foraging for food.

When hake are schooling, hundreds of bald eagles fill the trees and hunt these little fish with incredible precision.

Sea lions, seals, porpoises, dolphins and countless species of birds punctuate the tour.