Grizzly Bear Tours at April Point

Available for Overnight Guests of Painter's Lodge & April Point Resort & Spa

$425 per person 
- 12 passenger Covered vessel – onboard marine head / small viewing deck on the back
- Available for ages 12 and up
- 2 hour stunning boat ride into the untouched Orford River in Bute Inlet
- 3 hours on the viewing platforms
- 2 hour boat ride back, enjoying pristine wilderness surroundings and wildlife
- Lunch can be provided for an additional fee, please inquire

8:00 am each morning – pick up at Painter's Dock
Please check in at the Marine Center by 8:15am

Arrival back
Between 5:00 - 5:30 pm

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Exclusive of applicable taxes and subjective to availability.  Offered in cooperation with the Homalco First Nations Band.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the Platforms?

  • 6 feet off the ground and are located at various areas along the river where the salmon gather to spawn

Do we visit all the platforms?

  • No, the guides will decide which areas are the most active that day and the guests will visit 2 or 3 or perhaps 4 in the 3 hour viewing period.

How long do we have to view the Grizzlies?

  • 3 hours

Is this a dangerous tour? Have there ever been any accidents?

  • No, however these are wild animals and Grizzlies always need to be respected. If the guests follow the instructions of the guides, we are always in a position of safety.

What if I need to use the washroom when I'm near the Grizzlies?

  • We ask everyone to use the facilities at the orientation centre but if there is an emergency situation and someone has to use the washroom, they will be driven back to the orientation centre.

Do we stay with our same group all the time?

  • Yes, your group will have 2 guides that are responsible for you. They will ensure that you get to see the Grizzlies and then get back safely to the orientation centre and then to the boat.

When do we have lunch?

  • This is very important ! Lunch is taken after the tour. We provide a snack on the van along with water to help hold people over until lunch but absolutely no food is taken anywhere near the bears!
  • Lunch is taken on the dock at 2:00 or 2:30 pm. We set up a table and supply coffee, hot chocolate and tea with fresh, generous wraps, fruit and sweets. * we provide vegetarian lunches and can address most food allergies however anything to do with NUTS is a red flag for us and we will insist on as much information as possible. Re: medications etc

Do we go back the same way as we traveled out in the morning?

  • No, we make every attempt to see different mammals, at the very least, different scenery on the way back. Our Whale Watching boats have been out all day and we are in contact with them as we come out of the Inlet. Generally we know where the Whales or Dolphins are, in which direction they are going and whether they can be reached in the allotted time.

What about rough weather / rough water?

  • The area in and around April Point is noted for it's calm waters and the Inlet is no exception! The drivers are very experienced and make every attempt to travel in the calmest water available to them. If rough weather is anticipated the drivers will notify the Lodge that our arrival time will be affected.

Do we ever cancel a tour?

  • Yes, in the 8 years our tour partners have been conducting this tour there have been 2 tours cancelled. They occurred in October and happened in consecutive days.
  • We will contact the Lodge the evening before if we anticipate a cancellation.. Situations like this cannot be anticipated and each situation is dealt with accordingly. The drivers are the ultimate decision makers and will make the appropriate decision with the safety of the guests as their priority. The drivers will notify the Lodge if there is going to be a change to the tour schedule.

Sighting guarantee?

  • If we do not see a Grizzly on your tour with us between September 7th and October 7th then we will take you out again at no charge, on a stand-by basis, until we do see one. Even if it’s next year!