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grizzly bear

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Explore The Many Things To Do On Vancouver Island

Unleash your spirit, renew your love affair with the great outdoors and get up close and personal with the rugged landscapes and majestic wildlife of Vancouver Island. With each new day on the Campbell River, the possibilities for exhilarating adventures and new discoveries are endless. Choose from a diverse range of tours on land, water and air. From grizzly bear, wildlife and whale watching tours to helicopter rides high over the Discovery Islands, each of our experiences offers an unforgettable gateway to nature.

grizzly bear

Grizzly Bear Tours

Travel in our comfortable and covered boat to Toba Inlet and experience the best Grizzly bear expedition in British Columbia. The bears are in their natural habitat and can’t be guided. But our tour into Toba allows you to appreciate these magnificent creatures. Each tour is on a small scale, where a maximum of 12 people are permitted in the towers. We also take great care to minimize the impact of our presence as we're all visitors in the bears’ habitat.  

At Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and passion with everyone that visits this remarkable area. Our trips are overseen by very passionate guides who are some of the finest on the coast. They also continuously interact with our guests.

Our information session about grizzly bears takes roughly an hour and we include visual materials to educate you. It is important to us that after your trip, you leave with knowledge about these amazing animals.

  • Grizzly Guarantee Program
  • Lunch, drinks and snacks, allergy and dietary restrictions accommodated
  • Wildlife viewing and on board wildlife education
  • Gloves, hats, survival suits, sunscreen
  • On board naturalist/biology specialist
  • On board washrooms on all of our boats

Duration: 8 hours  (Departure time 8:30 a.m. Meeting time is 30 minutes prior to departure)

$450 per person (minimum 12 years or older)

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All prices are excluding taxes and fees. On all our tours, there is a mandatory Destination Whale Heritage Site fee of $1 per person.

What to bring:
Be sure to have extra clothing. You should also wear enclosed footwear. And don’t forget to come with a smile and a sense of adventure!  Please refrain from the use of strong perfume/cologne. You are welcome to bring your own camera.

We are going to show you wildlife in their natural habitat. But we aren’t feeding the bears. Also, we cannot predict or guarantee how many bears we will see.


Whale Watching Tours

Experience the majesty of Vancouver Island's Orca whales in their natural environment on a whale watching adventure tour.

Transient and resident pods of as many as 120 whales gather around Robson Bight and Telegraph Cove each summer, making Vancouver Island and Campbell River one of the world’s hot spots for watching. These incredible mammals arrive each year to socialize and mate, giving lucky onlookers a rare chance to see them in the unspoiled splendour of their natural habitat. Whale watching is one of the world’s most thrilling travel experiences – a rare chance to observe Orca whales in a stunningly beautiful setting. They are a truly super-natural experience.

Painter's Lodge whale watching tours run from early July until mid-September and can be added to any of our Vancouver Island vacation packages.

Duration: 5.5 hours

$240 per adult
$180 per child (12 and under) 

Extra: Boxed Lunch

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Exclusive of applicable taxes and subject to availability.


Helicopter Tours: Discovery Island Tours

Experience the Discovery Islands through the eyes of the iconic West Coast bald eagle

Our helicopter tour departs from the April Point Resort & Spa helicopter pad situated steps from the shoreline. 49North helicopter pilot Bastian Fleury takes you to the skies for a scenic tour of Quadra Island, Rebecca Spit, up along the Strait of Georgia and through the Seymour Narrows. Explore where you will go fishing, possibly see the Humpback and Orca whales and witness the beauty of the wild and rugged west coast as few have.

$420 per person, mim.2ppl

Duration: 45 minutes

Pick up: April Point Resort & Spa helipad

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Exclusive of applicable taxes and subject to availability.


Wildlife Adventure

Board a Zodiac in Campbell River and see the natural splendour of Vancouver Island’s wildlife.

Guided by a trained naturalist, you’ll travel among the Discovery Islands and see local BC wildlife thriving in their natural habitat. Watch for black bears, stellar sea lions, seals, whales and Pacific white-sided dolphins. You’ll witness bald eagles swoop from the treetops and majestic herons fishing in the tidal pools. Breathe the crisp, salty air as you dart around lush inlets and explore secluded Pacific islands by boat. It’s the ultimate way to get a first-hand glimpse of magnificent BC wildlife in our gorgeous Pacific playground. Wildlife adventure tours are three hours and available all season. They are included in some of our Vancouver Island vacation packages and can be added to any reservation.

Duration: 3 hours

$160 per adult
$130 per child (12 and under)

Extra: Light snack & bottled water

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Exclusive of applicable taxes and subject to availability.

Kayak Rental

Enjoy sea kayaking at April Point Resort. Check our Kayak rental rate, get your adventure directly from the resort, and go around to explore Quadra Island. We provide both single and double kayak rental or your needs.

Kayak-Single: $30/hour ( Min. 2 hours)

Kayak-Double: $40/hour ( Min. 2 hours)

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Exclusive of applicable taxes and subject to availability.

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